Briefing Paper: The Proposed Nuclear Reactors (SMRs) for New Brunswick

We prepared this briefing paper and submitted it to Minister Mike Holland, Natural Resources and Energy Development, Government of New Brunswick, prior to a meeting with the Minister on February 24, 2021.

After the meeting we updated the paper to reflect points raised in the discussion. The version published here is dated March 1, 2021. The team met with the Minister again on March 31 for further discussions.

You can read or download the briefing paper in pdf format, with reference links embedded in the text:
In English, here.
In French, here.

The paper presents considerations for the two proposed nuclear reactors (SMRs) for New Brunswick, and offers analysis on the alternatives.

Links to supporting documents are embedded in the document. We will provide copies of all supporting documents on request.

The NB Media Co-op has published many articles about the proposed nuclear reactors for New Brunswick, written by RAVEN investigator Susan O’Donnell and other authors concerned about many aspects of SMR development. You can read them HERE.

The briefing paper authors are RAVEN primary investigator Dr. Susan O’Donnell, Dr. Louise Comeau from the Conservation Council of New Brunswick, Dr. Janice Harvey of St. Thomas University and co-investigator of the RAVEN project, Dr. Gordon Edwards of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility in Montreal and Dr. M.V. Ramana at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

For further information and an extensive list of references, we recommend this new publication by M.V. Ramana: “Small Modular and Advanced Nuclear Reactors: A Reality Check,” published by IEEE, available by open access, here.

For further info: