RAVEN is hiring UNB graduate students

Graduate Student Research Assistant (GSRA) Position Available for Masters or PhD Student(s)

The project RAVEN (Rural Action and Voices for the Environment) will be hiring one or more graduate student research assistants (RA) for the winter and fall terms.


  • Winter term: 10hpw for 16 weeks, Jan. 7 to April 26, 2019
  • Summer term: 10hpw for 17 weeks, May 7 to August 30, 2019
  • A student can work fewer hours upon request.
  • Salary: Masters student, $28 per hour; PhD student, $32 per hour
  • December 5, midnight: application deadline
  • December 6, 7: phone interviews with candidates screened in
  • December 7-10: reference checks
  • December 11: candidate(s) selected, paperwork for hiring submitted
  • January 7, 2019 first meeting for winter term, work begins

The RAs will be members of the core team, supervised by one of the team members listed on the RAVEN people page:

The RA work will include participating in regular individual and team meetings and assisting the project investigators on a range of studies using qualitative methodologies. Information about RAVEN including a link to a statement of its principles and actions is available on the project site:

We will be screening applications for the following requirements:

  • experience working on a research project at UNB or elsewhere
  • familiarity with social science, education and / or arts theories and approaches
  • have written term papers or other publications using critical theoretical analysis

Optional additional skills and experience that would be a plus:

  • experience working in solidarity with Indigenous peoples
  • experience working in a rural setting in New Brunswick
  • experience as champion or activist on environmental issues
  • experience with NVivo or other qualitative analysis software
  • experience with production or analysis of video
  • experience working in a bilingual environment

To apply for this position, prepare a cover letter that includes the following points:

  • Summary of experience and skills listed above, required and optional
  • Experience, if any, working on a research project with a large team
  • What stage you are at in your graduate work
  • What terms (winter or summer or both) you want to work with RAVEN
  • Other jobs (TA, RA, other) you will be working during the terms requested
  • Name of your thesis supervisor who will be contacted for a reference

Note: we strongly suggest that students check with their thesis supervisor before applying for this position; the supervisors will be contacted for a reference.

Send your cover letter, a copy of all your graduate academic transcripts, a past term paper or other writing sample, and your CV to:

Susan O’Donnell, Researcher and Adjunct Professor, UNB Sociology: susanodo@unb.ca

This position is covered by the Collective Agreement negotiated between PSAC on behalf of the Union of Graduate Student Workers (UGSW) Local 60550, and UNB. The University of New Brunswick and the Public Service Alliance of Canada are committed to Employment Equity.