Since the RAVEN project launch in September 2018, the team has been working closely with our partner, the NB Media Co-op, to increase the news coverage of rural issues in New Brunswick. On this page are the links to the NB Media Co-op articles developed with the RAVEN team, as well as documents published by RAVEN. In future we will link also to peer-reviewed academic publications produced by the RAVEN team (we are writing them now).

Scroll down in the table below. Click on the publication title to either jump to the article in the NB Media Co-op or open a pdf in a new page. To find a particular publication, you can search for a word in the title. You can also sort the list by year or publisher.

If you have a story about rural issues that you believe would interest RAVEN, or would like to discuss any of our work, email us:

For all NB Media Co-op articles on rural issues, click here.

YearHeadline or TitlePublisherImage
2018-08RAVEN Statement of Principles and ActionsRAVEN
2018-09Rural Action and Voices for the Environment: Alternative Digital Media in New BrunswickRAVEN
2018-09Big pay equity win for rural postal workersNB Media Co-op
2018-09Open Farm Day showcases family operations behind food production in NBNB Media Co-op
2018-10“We never surrendered:” Wolastoq Grand Council ChiefNB Media Co-op
2018-11Meeting on glyphosate ban brings all legislature parties together for the first timeNB Media Co-op
2018-11Filmmaker exposes corporate capture in forestry in New BrunswickNB Media Co-op
2018-11Mobilizing to improve the environment in New BrunswickNB Media Co-op
2018-11Spraying glyphosate on forests clashes with Indigenous rightsNB Media Co-op
2018-11Opposition to shale gas returns as Progressive Conservatives threaten to lift moratoriumNB Media Co-op
2018-12Opposition Day at the Legislature: Pay equity and fracking debatedNB Media Co-op
2018-12Carbon pricing – Making changes today, taking responsibility and actingNB Media Co-0p
2019-01“Shake until you wake!” Wabanaki Unity GatheringNB Media Co-op
2019-01A call to action by anglophones on language rights in New BrunswickNB Media Co-op
2019-01Let’s dance together into a green economy across New BrunswickNB Media Co-op
2019-01Living the good life in rural New BrunswickNB Media Co-0p
2019-02Clear the air: carbon tax panel in SackvilleNB Media Co-op
2019-02Feds told to take Nashwaak’s fish-bearing brooks off the list for Sisson’s mine wasteNB Media Co-op
2019-03Peace and Friendship Treaties Days at UNBNB Media Co-op