Point Lepreau and more nuclear reactors in the news… again

For the past two years, the RAVEN project has been tracking the nuclear developments at Point Lepreau on the Bay of Fundy, in a rural area of the province. We have two new stories on the topic:

RAVEN’s Kim Reeder writes in the NB Media Co-op about the ongoing hearings by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, following the application by NB Power to renew its licence for the Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station for another 25 years, plus the hearings by the provincial legislature’s Climate Change and Environmental Stewardship Committee. Article HERE.

RAVEN’s Susan O’Donnell teamed up with nuclear expert Dr. Gordon Edwards to analyze the current situation of the so-called small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs) for New Brunswick. Their article: “New nuclear plants (SMRs) in New Brunswick: Wild card or sure bet?” was published by the NB Media Co-op, HERE.