The Future of Point Lepreau: Option B

Download RAVEN’s report, The Future of Point Lepreau: Option B, HERE.

Read the article about the report published in the NB Media Co-op, HERE.

Many people and groups want NB Power and the provincial government to plan a nuclear-free renewable energy future in the province.

Almost two years ago, the Coalition for Responsible Energy Development in New Brunswick (CRED-NB) was formed to advocate for that vision, and last year the Wolastoq Grand Council issued a resolution calling on the province to end nuclear development and shut down the existing Point Lepreau nuclear plant.

On the other hand, both NB Power and the government are tied to a nuclear vision of the future. Last week, NB Power presented its proposal to renew the Point Lepreau facility licence for another 25 years.

What are some alternative visions?

The RAVEN project released a new report, The Future of Point Lepreau: Option B that considers climate justice, respecting Indigenous visions, and valuing the expertise of the environmental community. Option B is a response to the concurrent and interlinked energy, climate, social and economic equity crises we are all experiencing.

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