Listed here are all events open to the public hosted or co-hosted by the RAVEN project. For all the events RAVEN is participating in (including those we are not hosting ourselves), click on the Updates tab above.


This winter, RAVEN is co-hosting the Human Rights & the Media Lecture Series, with partners the Atlantic Human Rights Centre, St. Thomas University’s Department of Human Rights and Department of Journalism and Communications, the NB Media Co-op and RAVEN. The events all take place at 5:30pm Atlantic. Register for all the events in the series here:

April 12 – Webinar. Kaitlyn Layden, with the New Brunswick Coalition of Persons with Disabilties, on engaging the media to advance the rights of people with disabilities.

March 31 – Webinar. Siti Maimunah, a rapporteur for the People’s Tribunal at COP26 in Glasgow and member of the COP26 Coalition, on telling the stories of people of the Global South affected by climate change.

March 17 – Webinar. Fenwick McKelvey, Assistant Professor in Information and Communication Technology Policy in the Department of Communication Studies, Concordia University, on how AI is shaping our lives and communications.

Feb. 28 – Webinar. J. P. Sapinski, Université de Moncton. Decarbonization, Lock-in, and Transition in Eastern Canada.

February 22 – Webinar. Laura O’Brien, UN Advocacy Officer for Access Now, on Defending Peaceful Assembly and Association in the Digital Age: Takedowns, Shutdowns, and Surveillance.

February 15 – Webinar. Hilary Young, Professor of Law at the University of New Brunswick, on Civil Recourse for Non-Consensual Disclosure of Intimate Images.

February 10 – Webinar. Aditya Rao, a human rights lawyer, on Hate Speech and Human Rights in Canada: The Fight Over Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act.

February 8 – Webinar. Erin Steuter, Professor of Sociology, Mount Allison University, on Won’t Get Fooled Again: A Graphic Guide to Fake News.

February 1 – Webinar. Elizabeth Dubois, Associate Professor of Communications, University of Ottawa, on Political Bots: Understanding Communication Strategies Using Automation and AI.

January 18, 5:30pm – Webinar. Nora Loreto, writer and editor of the Canadian Association of Labour Media (CALM), spoke about her new book, Spin Doctors: How Media and Politicians Misdiagnosed the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Dec. 10, 3pm. Our final event of 2021 was a virtual panel on Uranium and nuclear energy in New Brunswick and beyond, info here.

November 1: RAVEN’s virtual book launch: Letters from the Future: How New Brunswickers Confronted Climate Change and Redefined Progress, info here.

September 28, 11am: Launch of the World Nuclear Industry Status Report, with RAVEN as co-host, info here.

September 24, noon: Rally for Climate Justice at the New Brunswick Legislature, info here.

June 19, daytime: RAVEN Field Trip, Invitation to the Farm, info here.

June 9, 7:30pm: Webinar, Winning the Race to the Bottom: New Brunswick Forestry in Historical Perspective, info here.

28 April – Tertulia: Leslie Kern on Feminist City.

April 26 and April 29 – Webinars, The Bay of Fundy: Natural Wonder or Nuclear Industry Test Site? Info here

April 14, Webinar, Tertulia – Jason MacLean on Greta Thunberg and #FridaysforFuture

April 7 – Webinar, Composting – (Grower’s Guild Winter 2021 series)

March 24 – Webinar, Water Management (Grower’s Guild Winter 2021 series)

February 23 – Webinar presentation by Chris Rouse: Transitioning to a Low-Carbon Economy in New Brunswick. The video of the presentation is here.

February 17 – Webinar presentation by Jess Morehouse: A Fresh Food Tax Credit and Food Security in New Brunswick. The video of the presentation is here.

Jan. 14 – Webinar, online workshop: Calculating the risks and benefits of Small Nuclear Reactors (SMRs) in New Brunswick. RAVEN is co-hosting this event with the New Brunswick Environmental Network. The video of Susan O’Donnell’s presentation is here.


Dec. 2 –Webinar: Ira Reinhart-Smith and Jason MacLean on the legal and political activism being taken to stop climate change.

Nov. 20 – Webinar, Valerie Lannon, climate activist and co-author of Indigenous Sovereignty and Socialism, and David Bush, York Ph.D. student, labour organizer and editor of Rank and File and Spring, on the Green New Deal and the socialist case against the carbon tax.

Nov. 19 – Webinar, David Bedford, former Professor of Political Science, University of New Brunswick, on the Marshall Decision, two decades later.

Nov. 6 – Webinar, Daniel Tubb, Professor of Anthropology, University of New Brunswick, on his new book, Shifting Livelihoods: Gold Mining and Subsistence in the Chocó, Colombia.

Oct. 23 – Webinar, Bob Bancroft, Nova Scotia wildlife biologist and CBC radio personality, on the Acadian forest and what is lost in the conversion of forests to plantations.

Oct. 21 – Webinar, Debunking the myths around small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs). RAVEN is a member of CRED-NB, the co-host of this international event.

Oct. 9 – Webinar, Sabine LeBel, Professor of Culture and Media Studies, University of New Brunswick, on queering art education for the environment.

September 25 – Webinar: Mark McLaughlin on the Rise of the Eco-Comics: How the Maritime Governments Helped Shape Environmental Education.

September 23 – Online Tertulia: Tom Beckley on Wendall Berry

August 31, open to all New Brunswick, deadline for entries to the Cell Phone Music Video Contest

April 1, Webinar, Let’s beat this ‘demic! by Jane Jenkins

March 13, Webinar, Gordon Edwards: Small Modular Nuclear Reactors: not small, not green, not clean, not affordable

March 12, Hanwell, collaborator on the Sustainability Education Alliance Conference, Narrative Change: The Power of Storytelling.

March 12, Saint John, Gordon Edwards: Small Modular Nuclear Reactors: not small, not green, not clean, not affordable

February 29, Pointe-Verte, collaborator on the Espace Maritime Spaces event

February 4, Fredericton, Miles Howe on Snake Oil & Project Sitka

January 7, Fredericton, Bombardier Abroad: Patterns of Dispossession.


October 23, Sackville, Unearthing Justice: How To Protect Your Community from the Mining Industry

October 23, Saint John, Unearthing Justice: How To Protect Your Community from the Mining Industry

September 20-27: complete list of the Voices for the Environment Week events

September 27, Fredericton, The Women Resisting Extractivism

September 26, Keswick Ridge, RAVEN’s first birthday party!

September 25, Fredericton, Teach-in on citizen responses to the climate crisis

September 24, Fredericton, UNB and STU students for fossil fuel divestment

September 21-22, Fredericton, Spoken word workshop with El Jones on poetry for the climate crisis

September 20, Fredericton, Poetry for the Climate Crisis

August 6, Fredericton, Meme workshop

July 26, Sussex, Photovoice workshop

June 25, Hampton, Tell your rural story

June 18, Fredericton, Green New Deal community meeting

June 18, Pointe-Verte, Belledune Community meeting

April 27, Saint John, March for Tomorrow’s Jobs

April 26, Saint John, book launch and public discussion

April 25, online, presentation and public discussion

April 25, Fredericton, RAVEN research panel

April 24, Fredericton, book launch, play reading, public discussion

April 24, online, music video contest winners

April 23, Edmundston, public discussion and book launch

April 2: Deadline for RAVEN’s cell phone music video contest. Full details here.

March 30: Digital Storytelling workshop in Knowlesville. Details here.

March 16: Digital Storytelling workshop in Sussex. Click here for details.


September 13: RAVEN project launch! For full details, click here.