Rural Action and Voices

RAVEN is working on seven interconnected rural action issues. With our partner, the NB Media Co-op, we are supporting the production of videos highlighting the voices of rural champions on these issues. This page has links to our work and the videos. Click on the rural action issue below for information.

Listed below are the videos with the voices of rural champions, produced by the NB Media Co-op at the UNB Media Lab, in collaboration with RAVEN. Scroll in the list or search for a keyword to find a video, and click on the title link to view it.

2019-01Nashwaak residents see a future in farming, not fracking NB Media Co-op
2019-11Annika Chiasson: “A small change can make a big difference” NB Media Co-op
2019-11Charles Thériault on mobilizing against spraying the forestNB Media Co-op
2019-11“We need to take back control of our forest:” Charles ThériaultNB Media Co-op
2019-11“We never surrendered:” Wolastoq Grand Council ChiefNB Media Co-op

If you are a rural activist or champion working on environmental or social justice issues and want to make a video with the NB Media Co-op in collaboration with RAVEN, contact us: