A green rural economy

Everyone involved in the RAVEN project wants to see New Brunswick transition to a green (sustainable, low-carbon) economy. We are particularly interested in how this can happen in rural communities in the province.

RAVEN has several initiatives underway related to our green rural economy theme:

  • We are developing a vision paper: “A Just Transition to a Green Economy for Rural New Brunswick.” UNB student Rowan Miller is leading the development of this paper, under the supervision of Susan O’Donnell and working with an advisory group. We expect to launch Draft 1 of this paper as a public webinar during RAVEN’s Earth Week events at the end of April 2019.
  • We launched a cell phone music video contest on the theme “Moving Toward a Green Economy in New Brunswick” open to all residents of New Brunswick. For more information on the contest, click here.

For more RAVEN updates related to a green rural economy, click here.