Climate action and a green rural economy

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Everyone involved in the RAVEN project wants New Brunswick to transition to a green (sustainable, low-carbon) economy. We are interested in how this can happen in rural communities in the province.

Extreme weather events are becoming more common across New Brunswick, with many rural communities experiencing flooding and storm surges. Rural activists and local public sector organizations are working on adapting to these and related changes in their communities and regions. Some are also actively mitigating climate change by taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

We are currently supporting several activities under this theme:

RAVEN has completed several activities under this theme:

  • RAVEN collaborated with the Northwest Regional Service Commission (CSRNO) on a study of leadership for climate change adaptation. The article that resulted from this study is currently in peer-review. RAVEN research assistant Kim Reeder worked on this project with investigator Susan O’Donnell. Kim presented an initial report at the RAVEN research panel during RAVEN’s Earth Week 2019 activities in April and later at the Environmental Studies Association of Canada 2019 annual conference at the Congress.
  • We launched the 2019 cell phone music video contest on the theme “Moving Toward a Green Economy in New Brunswick” that ended in April 2019. For a link to the winning videos, click here.
  • During our “Voices for the Environment Week” in 2019 we organized a teach-in on citizen responses to the climate crisis.