Alternative media on rural and environmental issues

Click here for the RAVEN updates about alternative media on rural issues, including a description of all the articles published by our project partner, the NB Media C0-op by the RAVEN team.

Every adult in New Brunswick is aware of the concentration of media ownership in the province. One company, Brunswick News, publishes all the English-language daily newspapers and all but two of the weeklies. CBC publishes online news in English and Radio-Canada publishes in French however they have few resources and no reporters dedicated to rural issues.

In this context, alternative, independent, media is crucial to sharing news about rural issues in the province, especially about environmental issues that have an impact on rural communities. Fortunately there are several independent media outlets in the province.

Our current activities under this theme:

  • RAVEN is working closely with the primary independent and critical news outlet in the province, our partner, the NB Media Co-op. We are working to enhance the number and quality of news articles about rural issues and environmental activism in New Brunswick.
  • RAVEN’s Tracy Glynn is working with Susan O’Donnell on an article tracing the history of the NB Media Co-op. Tracy Glynn presented the preliminary research at the OURMedia conference in Brussels in December 2019.
  • RAVEN PhD research assistant Amy Savile is working with Susan O’Donnell and Tracy Glynn on an analysis of alternative media in New Brunswick. Amy and Tracy presented some preliminary results at the Canadian Sociological Association conference in June 2019.

We have also completed several studies under this theme.

  • RAVEN PhD research assistant Mary Aspinall, working with investigator Susan O’Donnell, recently completed an analysis of rural-focused Brunswick News editorials. Working with co-authors Tracy Glynn and Tom Beckley, we prepared a manuscript for submission to peer-review that will be published soon. Mary presented preliminary results at the Congress 2019.